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• If an automatic watch is not worn for a few days (normally 24/36 hours) it stops, it must be recharged manually (through the winding crown) before wearing it again to restart it.

• To clean a watch you can simply use a soft cloth without adding any type of liquid (alcohol ..)

• It is recommended to periodically wash your watch with water, soap and a soft brush (if suitable for being wet)

• Make sure the watch is rinsed with fresh water after being in contact with seawater to remove any salt residues

• Always make sure that the winding crown and any buttons are tightly closed to ensure impermeability

• In case of glass breakage, unscrew the crown immediately and then stop the movement of the watch to avoid further damage

•In case of entering water (in particular of salt that is even more harmful than sweet) inside the watch, visible immediately through the formation of condensation on the glass, it is advisable to unscrew the crown of charge by immediately blocking the operation of the watch and take it as soon as possible in our laboratory in order to avoid further damage through the formation of rust.