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The revision or periodic maintenance is a process aimed at guaranteeing the perfect functioning of the watch, the perfect preservation over time and to ensure compliance with the original technical and aesthetic specifications.
The advice is to submit it to this maintenance intervention once every 5 years (only in official laboratories authorized by the manufacturers) in order to avoid problems due to poor conservation. It is a process composed of various phases:
1. In a first step, our watchmaker performs a precise examination of the watch both in the internal parts and in the external parts, submitting it to various tests to determine which interventions should be performed.
2. Then the technician separates the bracelet from the box, which is opened and deprived of the movement, the latter in turn separated from the hands and the dial. The case and bracelet are transferred to another department to be polished.
3. At this point the movement is disassembled in all its small parts which are examined individually, some if necessary the other washings are replaced in a machine through the use of ultrasounds and specific solvents. This is to ensure perfect operation and accuracy of the watch. Subsequently the barbell, the oscillating heart of the watch, is also adjusted by using specific machines.
4. At this point proceed with the reassembly of all the parts that make up the movement on which the dial is then reassembled with the hands, which is then reinserted inside the polished case and then proceed to close the caseback and reassemble the glass with the respective gaskets that ensure the waterproofness of the watch.
5. The watch must now go through strict quality controls that ensure the perfection of our work:
6. Water resistance check
7. Gear control: the watch is checked for several days on specific rotors that simulate the movement of the human wrist in such a way as to test its accuracy.
8. General check

After all the checks, the watch is ready to be assembled with the bracelet and delivered to the customer who will receive, together with his timepiece returned as new, our official guarantee valid for 2 years on the work performed.