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Waterproofing tests

Before the start of the summer season it is advisable to test the impermeability of your watch (if suitable for getting wet) through the "Dive Test".

It is good to do it regardless of the fact that waterproofing is especially useful in everyday life, for example to wash your hands. The infiltration of water inside a watch is due to the difference in pressure that is created between the outside and its interior, because if it is immersed in water it will be subjected to a variable pressure depending on the depth in which it is find.

To check the impermeability of a watch, machines are used to recreate exactly the difficult conditions under which the watches are immersed in water (both sweet and salty).

Our technician places the watch out of the water inside a closed container hermetically filled half of the water that is able to reproduce exactly the desired immersion pressure by acting uniformly on the whole surface of the watch.

Then put the clock under pressure and immerse the watch in the water. If it is watertight, its internal pressure does not change, whereas if it were to leak the internal pressure would be equal to that generated by the container (this is noticeable if bubbles should come out of the watch), otherwise it is impermeable. Then another test is made called THERMAL SHOCK which consists of heating the watch on a special plate and then cooling it very quickly on another.

Following the shock of the watch, the eventual entry of water inside it is checked.